Shipping & Delivery

We will process and ship your order within one day, and offer FREE JECX express and UPS shipping to our customers. We only use JECX express as transshipment, then switch over to UPS. Once the item you purchased is send out, JECX express will provide a tracking number of UPS the next day.

You can track your shipments online by entering the tracking or InfoNotice number in the box provided by UPS (

UPS Online Tracking

We do our best to estimate delivery dates for your purchase. The total delivery time for your order to arrive contains the shipping availability time and delivery time. Most areas are expect to receive the item within 3-5 business days, you can know more information here:

Area 1 Day(s) Area 2 Day(s) Area 3 Day(s)
USA, Canada 2-3 Middle East(1) 3-5 Cambodia 2-3
Australia 2-3 Middle East(2) 3-5 Dubai 2-3
Japan 2 France 2-3 Eastern Europe 4-6
Korea 1-2 South Africa 2-3 India 3-4
Singapore 2 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2 Western Europe 3-4
Malaysia 2-3 Other Cities in Vietnam 2-3 Philippines 3-4
New Zealand 3-4 UK 2-3 Africa(1) 4-6
Indonesia 2-3 Taiwan 1-2 Africa(2) 5-7
Bangladesh 2-3 Thailand 2-3 Hong Kong 1-2
Sri Lanka 2-3 Other Countries in Asia 3-4 Central and South America 4-6

Middle East(2): Iran, Israel, Iraq, Palestine

Africa(2): Angola, Burkina Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, Central Africa, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Sierra Leone

Other Countries in Asia: Nepal, Myanmar, Laos

Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iceland, Macedonia, Serbia, Georgia, Croatia, Belarus, Andorra

Central and South America, Africa(1): Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Tanzania, South Africa, Columbia, Nigeria, Sultan, Mauritius

Please email (replace # with @) for additional shipping questions.