Most people know about the protection for UV light with sunglasses. But have you ever considered about the blue light protection to block the harmful blue light in our daily life? This article we will take a full look at both two harmful lights in life. Therefore, you can have a overall protection for them.

What Is Cataract? A cataract is one of the eye disorder which can cause blindness. Another severe one is macular degeneration. It is the clouding around the lens of the eye and as the cloudiness of lens increase, light reaching to the retina gets blocked which causes a decreased vision. At worse, this vision loss

Eye floaters that block vision are disturbing and disruptive. If not treated, they can lead to significant vision loss. What is a eye floater? What does it look like? What are the causes and signs of this malady? How can a patient prevent and treat it? What Causes Eye Floaters? Patients may have Benign or

With the spreading development of technology, we get addicted to the small electronics like phone or tablet whether to give a quick text or post on media platform, even our kids. And children’s use of digital technology is prevalent. Unlike adults, children have no idea how to protect their eyes from playing on the small