Since we are enjoying life with computers and other electronic products like TV, smartphone, iPad, LED light, etc, and we know it is necessary to have a rest when we stay long with these high-tech products, but sometimes or most times, we can’t! Because we just work with computer, or we love watching TV, playing computer games. In the case of these, eye strain and health damage can be unavoidable. T’aime high-tech computer eyewear is typically designed to protect our eyes, optimize and enhance our vision. Built with the lens technology, T’aime eyewear helps you overpower those endurance sessions in front of the digital screen, giving a new definition to longevity.

Who We Are

T’aime is about a real story among a group of 1980s generation who are just part of a digital generation that places tremendous value on technology. We used to be committed to our own works and ignore our sore and exhausted eyes. But what have we got? Increasing eye strain, CVS, vision deteriorating… So that’s how T’aime was born. Our goal is to protect your vision, help you stay focused, and let you work and play without the adverse effects of digital eye strain.

What We Do

From playing video games to watching TV to doing work/homework on computers, technology use continues to rise both at home and in workplace/classrooms. T’aime computer eyewear is engineered to protect your eyes against digital eye strain. To exceed nearly all the optical needs, T’aime is still researching and working on the development of technical eyewear which can enable you to stay longer in front of these digital screens, without any negative effects on your eyes.

How T’aime Works

T’aime eyewear can filter up to 98% of blue light emitted from electronic device screen like smartphone, computer, iPad, etc. The distinctive lens design makes them more comfortable to work or play. Plus, the protective anti-glare coatings improve the experience of working or playing.

Now, Many people begin to use our computer eyewear when they need to face computer or another digital device, including doctors, eye patients, designers, game players, engineers, etc. All T’aime colleagues wish all people care about eyes’ health. Do not ignore damage to eyes when you watch TV, play computer, read eBooks, etc.