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Dinodon - Blue Blocking Glasses
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Dinodon - Blue Blocking Glasses

Dinodon's color design shows off your personal style. It's specially offered to those energetic and fashionable people, staying inside and outside. Fashion and health brought.
Dolphin - Blue Blocking Glasses
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Dolphin - Blue Blocking Glasses

Dolphin is specially designed for children who spend more time in front of a screen, Dolphin helps to keep kids’ eyes healthy & protect their eyesight.
Darkstorm - Fitover Eyewear
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DarkStorm - Fitover Eyewear

DarkStorm is a good helper when you have outdoor activities. T’aime DarkStorm starts the style with a lasting contrast and clarity lens. Its all-direction protection ensures you the exceptional eye care.


  • 3 Advanced Technologies

    PD inorganic protective coating, AR anti-reflective coating, and AR anti-polarizing coating
  • Reduce Eye Strain on 5 Aspects

    97% blue light blocking feature ensures the perfect protection of your eyes; Superior clarity and contrast help you enjoy super clear and intuitive visual experience; Alleviate ciliary muscle pain and reduce eye strain caused by prolonged digital use; Relying on IEC62471 international safety standards photobioreactor, it provides comfortable visual experience in working place, outdoor activity, and gaming; Preferably combine the finest PC and ETC base with advanced coating technology, to ensure higher impact resistance, greater stability and chemical resistance;


Advanced Blue Light Protection Technology

At T’aime, our passion for the need for improvements in eye health & vision care technology have driven us to introduce blue light blocking technology into our products. T’aime’s Blue Light Protection Glasses lets you reduce blue light by up to 98%.

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After using these glasses for about two months total , I couldn’t find any problems besides giving the glasses enough time for me to adjust The glasses offers style and eye protection from the macbook pro and iPad’s screen to help prevent (CVS) and eye strain I am very happy with this pair of computer glasses. >>Read more

David Parent

Chief Editor of NH Tech
Super good for night time blue light blocking.

John Smith

Daphne Woods

These glasses really help the eye fatigue from all day gaming. I have also worn them at my job where I spend a lot of time in front of the computer.